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Search Over A Million YouTube Video Ads

Video Ad Vault's powerful search mode gives you a multitude of ways to quickly search for video ads. Base your search on video ads' titles, descriptions, channels, domain names or even the URLs of their landing pages. Use the browse mode to quickly sift through recently viewed ads, ads that were just published, ads with the most views and more. On top of that, use the geotargeting option and an array of advanced exclude filters to refine your search so you get only what you are looking for.

Keep a Watch on Your Competitors' Video Ads

Add channels to your "Watched Channels" to keep a watch on all of their latest video ads. Add the channels of your competitors to your watchlist to always stay ahead of the game or add the channels of your favourite advertisers to glean new ideas and strategies from their latest and greatest video ad campaigns as soon as they are published.

Check Out The Top Advertisers & Their Ads

This gives you the powerful ability to quickly uncover the largest YouTube advertisers worldwide or in any country. Find the top YouTube advertisers in any country based on the number of unique video ads seen in the country or the total number of views all their video ads have received. You can then easily search for all the video ads of a selected advertiser in a single click. We have also included a bonus mode to find new advertisers who have recently launched their first video ad in any country.

Gain Detailed Insights Into Individual Ads

Get a good gauge of a video ad's performance by checking out the number of views it is getting. Complete with a graph plotted to show the trend and trajectory of its views, the detailed information pane gives you valuable insights into a video ad, including the countries the video ad is targeting, its past and present landing pages' URLs, when it was published, when it was last seen and more. You can also use the action buttons on the pane to quickly find more ads from the same channel.

Available with Pro Plan / Tokens

Say Hello To Your AI Script Assistant

Meet AI Script Assistant, your go-to sidekick for killer video ads with a sprinkle of magic. No more sweating over script writing! Just answer a few easy-peasy questions, and voila — high-converting video ad scripts are ready to roll. Watch those leads and sales skyrocket without breaking a sweat. We're talking a fraction of the usual script-writing time. Plus, enjoy top-notch, professional scripts that make your product shine. Elevate your brand effortlessly and make ad creation a breeze. Say hello to more sales, less stress, and a touch of scriptwriting wizardry.

Bonus: Office Hours - Weekly Coaching Calls

When you sign up for a Video Ad Vault membership, you will get bonus access to TubeSift Office Hours (worth $97/mo) - weekly coaching calls to help you with creating, launching, and scaling video ads. Get personalized help for your campaigns - video ad campaigns review, targeting tips, landing page tips, video ad script review and more! Take advantage of TubeSift Office Hours to get all your video ad questions answered and take your video ad campaigns to the next level.

Packed with Powerful Features

An array of powerful yet simple-to-use search and filtering options lets you search for ads quickly and easily.

Use our built-in geotargeting option to find video ads seen anywhere in the world or in a particular country.

Add specific channels to your "Watched Channels" and see all their latest video ads in one place for easy monitoring.

See the top channels and largest advertisers with the most video ads or views worldwide or in any country.

Easily save ads to lists for reference or monitoring. Access your saved lists from any device conveniently.

Use the "Browse" mode to browse the most recently seen ads, the most recently published ads and more.

VA Vault is constantly being updated with new ads added hourly so you get the most up-to-date search results.

VA Vault is 100% cloud-based and works directly on your PC or Mac without requiring any installation.

VA Vault works beautifully on your desktops, laptops and mobile devices so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

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Annual Membership
Full access to all features
1,000 tokens per month for AI Script Assistant
Free weekly coaching calls
No setup fees, no contract, cancel anytime

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